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Missives of Wisdom from an Inmate

For most of his life, eighteen-year-old Joel thought his father, Daniel, had abandoned him. He’s about to discover how wrong he was. In many ways, Daniel has been a constant influence in the young man’s life.

On his birthday, Joel learns the truth when his mother presents him with a bundle of letters. His father is incarcerated in a federal maximum-security prison and has been for Joel’s entire life.

Determined that Joel will not make the same mistakes he did. Daniel dedicates himself to finding the wisdom needed to enable his son to find success in all aspects of life. Each year, Daniel writes two letters: one for his wife, Alexia, and one for Joel. Each letter contains and builds on a life principle Daniel asks Alexia to learn and pass on to their son.

An enlightening, uplifting story based on author Ana Silvia Contreras’s own correspondence with her incarcerated first cousin. Missives of Wisdom from an Inmate is an ideal book for new parents, support groups and troubled teens. Daniel’s insightful advice offers hope and inspiration to anyone willing to accept that there might be a better way.

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