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Daniel's Catharsis

After spending over 20 years in a federal prison, Daniel has returned home. The missives that he wrote for his son Joel and wife Alexia while he was in prison, have become part of a best-selling book, and Daniel is now a renowned author and public speaker.

Daniel is determined to right all his wrongs, and with the support of his wife and son, is committed to helping, inspiring and supporting those who need it most. The three of them have created a mastermind alliance with experts who can help make a difference in people's lives, and they lead a conference in which they offer those who want to improve their circumstances the opportunity to do so.

This story will remind you how important it is to have God in your life and your heart, and to love yourself, and your family. It will remind you that hope, and faith should never be lost, and it will teach you that by establishing good daily habits you too can improve all aspects of your life. It will remind every reader that no matter where you find yourself, or what has happened in your life, with God all things are possible.

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